Bus Station Mock Up Ad

Animated Ad Created Through After Effects

Case Study:
The creative brief given was to rebrand the current cryptocurrency company “Zcash” to help expand the audiences being reached, as well as promote their security as a company. Rebranding Zcash with a new brand identity consisted of a new logo, fonts, color palette, as well as animating the logo and creating mockups of signage.
Original Zcash Logo.

Original Zcash Logo.

The idea of portraying security was key in rebranding Zcash. At the beginning of my sketches I wanted a hidden element that would be the representation of security that the company wanted. To portray this, I used elements connected to electronics, as well as arrows to represent the transportation / movement of money that subtly makes the letter Z.

Digitalizing Zcash Logo Sketches:
Brainstorming sketches.

Brainstorming sketches

Digitalizing Zcash Logo sketches.

Created through Adobe Illustrator

Establishing new color scheme for brand guidelines
Finalized Rebranded Zcash Logo

Finalized ZCash Logo

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