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Creative Brief: 
The creative brief given was to create a professional layout in Indesign with the notes* we had taken from reading The Vignelli Canon and then implement the lessons we had learned in class.
*All the text throughout this design I have written based off the information I learned while reading The Vignelli Canon.

I started by sketching thumbnails to decide which placement and layout would be most successful. The assignment was pretty open as the professor wanted us to freely demonstrate the skills we had learned throughout the semester. The only requirements were to have our own writing therefor I was able to be creative and have fun with this final project.

Initial Layout Sketches

Creative Thought Process: 
I decided to incorporate the established color palette from the book into my design to make it cohesive with the physical cover. The pages in the book had geometric shapes, so add circles and squares into my design to keep it consistent.
Color Palette & Fonts:
The colors were based on the cover of the book. The fonts chosen Futura and Gill Sans. I used different subcategories of Futura throughout the layout. This allowed me to keep the fonts minimalistic so the main focus would be on the design of the pages.

Digitalized Layout Made In Indesign

Established Color Palette and Font

Examples Of Finalized Layouts:

Examples Of Finalized Pages

Publication Mockup

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