Light Bulb Banner Ad

Hanging Sign Ad

Case Study:
The creative brief given was to create a brand for a neighborhood located in Argentina helping to expand its target audience of American tourists. The branding of this neighborhood consisted of creating a new logo, as well as establishing new brand guidelines including new fonts and color palette. Also included in this brief was the creation of patterns, light pole banners, outdoor ads and IAB ads.

To initially decide what idea I wanted to go with, I sketched ideas in different styles of logos that ranged from wordmarks to monograms. I chose to go with a combination of a wordmark and an abstract mark.

Above are my initial digitalized sketches

Finalized Digital Logo:
For the wordmark I decided to use a fun, free flowing font to represent the creativity of the city which is know for its spray paint murals. For the abstract element I wanted to incorporate the sun into the logo. The neighborhood is located in Argentina, who's flag has a sun on it. To represent the sun I portrayed the words of the "Argentina Republic" in an arc being symbolic of the flags sun - without it being too literal.
Brand Guidelines:

Color Scheme and Typography

Patterns Created Through Illustrator

Mock Up Ads:

IAB Ad Mockup Example

Outdoor Signage Mockup

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