Business Card Mock Up Designs

Mock Up App Screen

Creative Brief:
The creative brief given was to create an entire business concept and its visual identity revolving around the fruit of our choice. Before deciding on what fruit I wanted to choose, I decided to brainstorm what type of business I wanted to create. At that time my one close friend had just entered a new relationship, and another had fallen out of one, so the idea of relationships was fresh in my mind. I decided on a dating app, and from there I had to decide what fruit I would use to represent my whole business.

Brainstorming & Sketches
Once I chose on a dating app the next challenge was finding the right fruit. To help the creative process, I created a mood board on Pinterest of multiple established fruit identities.
Once I decided on a pear because of its uncommon use, I began the sketching process. I sketched out multiple styles to narrow in on what I wanted the final design to look like. 

Mood Board Created On Pinterest

Initial Sketches

Brand Guidelines:
Final Logo:
The final logo was chosen based on its charismatic appearance with its rosy cheeks and bright colors. In comparison to the other sketches, this design resonated most with the idea of a dating app, as the pear is seen with a heart which represented the core and a friendly face.

Finalized Digital Logos

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