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Creative Brief & Thought Process:
The creative brief given was to create a self authorship project that represents who you are as a designer. As my senior year in college was coming to an end, I started thinking about my last four years and what would have helped me ease into the college experience. I went into this project thinking of the reoccurring problem I had moving to a new area my freshman year, and what my solution after living through it for four years turned out to be - and thats how NewHere was created.
Elevator Pitch:
New Here is targeted towards first year and transfer students at a university who are bored or feel disconnected due to not knowing the area / what there is to do. New Here is a community app based on your university that makes it easier to learn about the surrounding areas and activities through other students who currently attend or have graduated from their individual university. With New Here, students are able to quickly learn all the favorite hangout spots that current students love and alumni come back to visit.

Image Of Myself Freshman Year '18.

Icon Sketches:
When initially going into the icon design sketches, I was focused on making it a pinpoint to signify the different locations the app would display, but I knew I wanted to push that idea more. One universal item that all universities have in common are ID Cards. I decided to create a secondary logo, with the pinpoint incorporated into the ID card. This would keep it cohesive, but still a variation design that could also be used for advertising purposes.
Final Design: 
The final icon design consisted of a pinpoint with NH on it to represent the words NewHere and a secondary design element of the ID card.

Initial Icon Sketching 

Final Digitalized Icons

Flow Chart: 
After determining who my target audience was, and what the problem this app would be solving, I began the process of designing a flow chart. I laid out all my main ideas for what types of places the app would include. This consisted of five categories being restaurants, shopping, activities, upcoming events, and 21+ activities. From those main categories, there were subcategories, as well as the typical profile and settings page.

Flow Chart

Wire Frames:
Once the flow chart was drawn out, and I knew what page led to the next, I was able to start the process of creating wire frames. I started sketching the first couple initial screens to determine the placement and how I wanted the rest of the screens to look. After initially designing the wire frames on paper, I then began to digitalize them through Illustrator.

Initial Low Fedility Wire Frames Example

High Fidelity Wire Frames Example

Brand Guidelines:
As I was deterring the placement of items on the screens, I was also deciding what color scheme I wanted to use, and which typography would represent the app best. Once I determined this, I was able to then implement those guidelines into the digitalized screens.
Digitalized Screens:
Promotional Material:

Promotional Ad One

Promotional Ad Two

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