Creative Brief:
The creative brief given was to create an entire brand and its guidelines based on a type of business that was drawn out of a hat. The business I was randomly assigned was a Brewery. I immediately was taken back as I had no knowledge when it came to the world of beer and I couldn’t relate to any of the advertising I had seen about different brands on tv. I then had an epiphany - why was it that I couldn’t resonate with the idea of beer? I realized that it was because beer is typically marketed and advertised to men. I decided that I was going to take a feminine approach and create a brand and its identity solely targeted towards women.
Research & Sketches:
I wanted to take advantage of the idea of flowers being typically associated with femininity and have that incorporated into the business idea and my designs. When I thought of flowers, I thought of a greenhouse and plants that would grow there. I researched what types of flowers have already been successfully infused in beers and played off of those in my mockup designs. Since I had established the name early on, I wanted to make a combination mark for the logo. This would consist of a graphic I created, and the name of the business together. I started off sketching some house shapes to get the ideas flowing. 
Design Ideation & Brand Guidelines: 
After narrowing down my design, I began creating it in illustrator in black and white. Once I was happy with the design I created, I then began creating its guidelines.
Secondary Designs & Website In Context:
After the logo was established, I began to create secondary icons that would be shown throughout different packaging. The secondary icons are the flower designs on the bottle wrapper packaging below. To go along with the finalized designs, a mockup website was required to be made.

Brand Guidelines In Place

Website In Context

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